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Just thought I would start publishing some stuff that remained in the drafts for too long. So long that I don’t even remember when that happened (looking at the draft date it looks like sometimes about a year and a half ago). But I guess it’s still relevant, so…

So, I had a thought this morning: what is that makes life as a migrant suck the most? The more I think about it, the more I feel it to be the lack of sense of belonging, and probably even more annoying are the acts of negating that sense of belonging.

Just a few weeks ago I got a letter from my bank that, paraphrased, sounded something like: “Since you don’t belong here we don’t trust you; so please bring us proof that someone has a good reason to have you here instead of being home and that you are indeed contributing to our wealth and to our society’s one.”

I started wondering then how come that in a modern society where most scientific research points towards migration being a strengthening factor of society, rules are still driven by feelings that can be traced back to animal instincts.